in Individuals and Organizations.

Mike teaches individuals, as well as entire systems of people in a company or community how to create the foundation and the framework to develop new configurations of strengths, talents, wisdom, experiences, and perspectives that render their weaknesses irrelevant.

Inspired by the abundance of research and breakthroughs in Systems Thinking, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Design Thinking, Neuroscience, and Biomimicry, and guided by the Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Cycle and Positive Core Mapping, Mike teaches how to create a flourishing cycle of inquiry and innovation in all aspects of your organization, your community, or just simply, in yourself.

If you’re a person that knows there’s a gap between what you’re doing and what you’re capable of, my framework can help you build a bridge over that gap. Check out the resources here.

If you’re a company, community, city, or other “system of people” and you want to build a transformative future by leveraging the best of what already is and has been, I can show you to use the strengths of the whole-system to create rapid shared vision, shared values, and embed new conversations into your system that lead to a flourishing culture. One that self-perpetuates, and creates not just competitive advantage at any one moment in time, but true evolutionary advantage over time. For more click here.

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