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Six Fundamental Questions to Ignite Your Personal Evolution 
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Closer Than You Think is a total paradigm-shifter, and Mike Merriam has figured out the solution to the biggest obstacle in your personal growth. Not only does he show you how to design a customized path for YOU as an individual, but more importantly, he gives you the tools to sustain and maintain the motivation and develop real, long-term change. If you know there is a gap between where you are and what you're capable of, Closer Than You Think is the one book that can close that gap for you. I'm normally not one to say 'I told you so' but read this book, implement it, watch how it changes your life, and I just might say, I told you so.

- Hal Elrod, #1 bestselling author, The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life... (Before 8AM)
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"From the opening pages I was captivated by the power of this piece. Impactful and actionable strategies abound here. Mikes words hit home on many levels personally and professionally. A must have, must read and absolutely critical to implement now!"
- John Kane 
"Closer Than You Think has been a game changer for me. I'm currently working through the last module and I have already significantly changed my daily patterns. Definitely one of the top 3 books I've read in my life and believe me, I've read a bunch of them! Nice work mate..."
- Lance Grow
"Mike Merriam is a visionary with a deep understanding of human psychology and peak performance. The ideas in this book, combined with Mike's AVID system, will make a lasting impact on your life."
- Dan Casetta
"The most personally transformative book I've ever read"
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Map Your Core Values - Discover and strengthen that which you truly value, and use this value system to guide you in the direction of your highest aspirations. 
  • Discover, Develop, & Deploy Your Unique Strengths - Includes free access to the world's leading strengths finder survey. You'll actually receive a list of your 24 unique character strengths, in order of magnitude.
  • Gain Total Clarity on Your Highest Priorities & Motivations - Discover how to align what you value and where you're uniquely strong with your aspirations.
  • Design a Radically Transformative Vision for the Future - Learn to think bigger and create a compelling vision of a future of happiness, contribution, and fulfillment. 
Foundational Principles:
  • Social Constructionism — The language we use and the ways in which we communicate, both with others and with ourselves, create our reality.
  • Poetic Principal — What we can be in the future largely depends on what we are in the present. Many people feel stuck because of their pasts. The poetic principal gives us license to rewrite, reframe, refocus, and reimagine our past to tell ourselves a new story, to decide a different meaning, and to enable progress toward positive change.
  • Anticipatory Principal — Our visions of the future direct our behavior today. Our behavior today determines our outcomes tomorrow. For this reason, what we envision and expect, we will become.
  • Positive Principal — Positive emotions are shown through research to make you live longer, make more friends, have a happier marriage or relationship, make more money, and have better health. Studies have found that positive emotions actually produce success and health just as much as they reflect them.
  • Simultaneity Principal — Questions are fateful. Inquiry and change happen in the same moment.As soon as a powerful question is asked, your future changes, even before the answers arrive. 
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